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AS9100D Certification

In a global economy, aviation, space and defense organizations are presented the challenge of producing and delivering safe and reliable products across a wide range of customer requirements and expectations. In an effort to address diverse quality requirements and expectations while also reducing costs throughout the supply chain, the AS9100 family of standards was developed by international aerospace industry representatives to standardize international aerospace quality management system requirements.

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Delegated Product Release AS13001 & AS9117certified

In the aerospace industry, supplier self-release is a process whereby a supplier has been provided the authority to act on behalf of a delegating organization to verify and release products without additional oversight from that delegating organization. Currently, each of these delegating organizations manages and conducts a unique training program for individuals responsible for their self-release overcheck process. For suppliers producing products for multiple delegating organizations, each must then manage the multiple training requirements. The delegating organizations, recognizing there is commonality among the various training programs, have come together to consolidate their training into a single, common training standard.

Certified Supplier Program


C&H Machining, Inc. has been on the certified supplier programs with major Aerospace companies for over twenty years. These programs require selected manufacturers, such as C&H Machining, Inc., who have been certified to a company's high quality standards, to apply a unique and distinctive set of inspection standards to every part they make. Parts bearing this certified status meet thhighest quality and reliability requirements as set forth and go from dock to stock bypassing incoming inspection which is a tremendous savings for these companies.

Internal Auditor


In the AS9100 Aerospace Standard, competence of internal auditors is the most important factor for ensuring effective implementation of the AS9100 standard requirements.  AS9100 internal auditors require understanding of the standard, stake holder requirements, statutory and regulatory requirements, skill of auditing, and finally the application of these in the most complex situations.

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